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Canadian home sales pick up in September

Are u one of those who is sitting on the fence wondering if you should buy, sell or stay put because of what is going on around the global economy as well as the protesters movements? I heard one TO resident on the news said he can’t afford to buy a property & he won’t buy a property because he has to pay interest to the bank + he has to pay property tax….I have nothing to say & don’t know what to say.  Sounds like some people wants free ride. I, as a tax payer listening to people like that make me feel sick that I have to pay for all their benefit & yet they are not contented that they are living in one of the most stable countries in the world in this trouble time!!!

Anyway, here’s an article on Canadian home sales pick up in September.  Btw, I understand Chinese immigrants play a major role in our housing market BUT after all, they are minority though is a major one. 🙂  We have tons of Canadian buying & selling everyday.  Don’t get freak out just because the Chinese slow down on their purchase.  Buying real estate is long term investment.  Treat is as  your RRSP!
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