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Who buys and sells recreational properties in Canada?

Who buys and sells recreational properties in Canada?

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1.) Who buys these recreational ppties?
I don’t just do rec properties. We do a wide variety of assets including recreational pptys, ski
resorts, ranches, golf courses, marinas and more. In many cases these are businesses that have
a recreational orientation. We never know who the buyer will be because every property is
different. In some cases it might be someone looking for privacy and great waterfront. In other
cases it might be a developer or an investor.
2.) What nationality?
Canadians, Americans, recently buyers from mainland China.
3.) Any difference between those buyers in terms of the investment types?
Canadian and american buyers will be interested in recreational properties. However chinese
buyers will be looking at cash flow return, long-term investment. Such as golf course, not only
for the land, but also for the long-term cash flow.

4.) Do they pay all cash? Or get mortgage?
In some cases it might be cash but in most cases there is a mortgage even if one is not needed since borrowing money makes financial sense in this borrowing environment.
5.) How to obtain mortgage? How difficult for them to obtain mortgage or property like the island, marina?
It can be a challenge. There are certain things you want to make sure you have -such as an
environmental audit or financial statements, depending on the asset. Ability to get a mortgage can depend on the cash on the deal, the type of property, the covenant of the buyer and many other factors. But, yes, some properties can be more difficult to obtain a mortgage.
6.) Does buyer buy based on the ROI? Or for status purpose?

Depends on the property. Could be neither or could be one or both.


7.) Example of good ROI project you have listed..(your marina etc)

Again, a good return is dependant on the risk. A fully occupied marina, for example could have a 7% return, which is very low risk. Great cash flow but very limited management. A riskier property cod be higher than 10 or 12 percent.8.) how do you find these international sellers & buyers?
Targeted Advertising, web presence, direct contact, working with other realtors that have good contacts. It’s important to be cooperative and to respect established relationships.



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