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Inspectors vs Doctors

Inspectors vs Doctors

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Just read a report on “buyers left with big bills when home inspectors miss defects”.  This is not the first time I read about this and it certainly will not be the last time.  There is a perception out there that inspectors get referral business from realtor so they don’t want to fail the inspections worry about the referral business will stop.  This is such a wrong perception.  There are a couple inspectors out there trying to market themselves that they don’t take referral business from realtors for that reason.  They have their right to market however they want to market themselves but that is not true!  We as realtors are not supposed to tell our clients who to hire regardless it is inspector, banker or lawyer.  We can only provide a few choices to our clients upon their request and they make their final decision after they do they own duel diligent.
Inspectors to me is like a family doctors.  They are not specialist.  They have general knowledge.  Some are better than the others.  It is true that it is too easy to obtain an inspector license in British Columbia.  I have seen ex realtors became an inspectors.  If a buyer really wants to inspect a house thoroughly, they really should hire specialists like professional electrician, plumber, roofer, engineer etc separately to give them a proper report.  However, in reality, how many buyers would ever spend the money to get a thorough report on any property.  Another reality is one would be almost impossible to sue inspectors or any medical field professionals for any wrong doing.  Therefore, if you know you are working with a professional realtors who care about their license and reputation, the chance for them to risk their license just to get a deal through is much slimmer.  I feel sorry for those who caught in the middle of this kind of disasters and it is a very expensive lesson to learn.  Just to refresh our memory how the city by law screwed up the building code back in the 90’s and put so many innocent home owners in financial jeopardy during the leaky condo era.  If you are interested to have my assistant, please feel free to check me out on my website at www.TinaMak.com, email me at tinamak@tinamak.com or simply call me at 604-412-5860.
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