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Investment Alternatives Conference on Feb.15.2014

How much is enough for retirement?  This has been a hot topic recently especially when we know there is no real reform envisaged for the Canada Pension Plan.

I have seen a great deal in my 22-year real estate career; Markets have withstood various gyrations and I have lived through three cycles. Yet my faith in solid, asset-backed real estate investments has not only been undiminished; it is stronger than ever.

My investment philosophy has always been a long-term one. I have never put my trust in snake peddlers who promise incredible riches with schemes to make a quick buck.  I achieved it through focused, prudent, conservative, investments in real estate not from inheriting from my old folks.

That’s why I decided to initiate and host, with my good friend Daniel Veniez , the Investment Alternatives Conference.  $25 for a day of investment straight talk from highly respected experts, and featuring an icon of Canada’s wine industry, Harry McWatters, Founder of a Time Winery.

 Three years ago I started accepting invitations to speak to industry audiences across North America on how to work with Asians. I saw an opportunity to try to play a small part in bridging an apparent cultural divide developing between East and West.

 In my three years since I hit the speaker circuit here and in Asia, I have gained a few insights. Among them are:

 1)    Real estate investors are broadening their horizons. Where once they were focused on their local communities, today there are no more barriers. Their sights are truly global;

 2)    Vancouver is a very important and attractive market for both in American and Asians;

 3)    Canadians are by far the number one foreign investors in the US;

 4)    Investors, especially Chinese investors, are looking for investment opportunity but don’t always know where to look and where to go. That is an understandable consequence of cultural and language barriers;

 5)    Government programs are not going to be enough for our retirement life. So, what do we do?

 Whether you are born and raised Canadian, or whether you are a landed immigrant or new Canadian, this unique conference will have something for you. I wish to extend a personal invitation to you to attend this informative and entertaining day.

The conference has been covered by Wall Street Journal and Business in Vancouver.Check out our incredible speakers list and register today.

Click the picture below to watch the full YouTube video:




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