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Soft Landing or Bubble Bursting

Toronto and Vancouver housing markets are on the blame again because once again these 2 cities push up the national home sales numbers.  Why is it surprising since these 2 cities are the major cities in Canada?  There is no different from NYC in US, Sydney in Australia, Beijing and Shanghai in China, etc..Isn’t it natural that major cities in any countries usually have the most expensive housing value?  Why do we need to talk about bubble bursting all the time?  The fact is Vancouver has been over priced for almost 3 decades.  I honestly don’t see there is anything can be done.  China, Hong Kong and Australia all introduced policies to cool down the housing markets but they still remain unreachable for their local people..Real estate plays an important role in any country’s GDP, I can only see policy makers try to introduce different policy to cool down the market but they will never want to do anything to damage the housing market.
People says it’s good news for homeowner but bad news for home buyers.  Well, why don’t you try to join the homeowner group by entering the market with baby steps instead of owning your dream home right at the very first time.  I believe there is a will, there is a way with some good planning and discipline money management plan.

Please click the title to read the full news: Vancouver and Toronto push up national home sales numbers


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