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Building Bridges between the East and West


I was particularly honored last month, to host a discussion between our distinguished guests from the Chinese real estate and construction sector, and representatives of the Government of British Columbia and vital sectors of our economy, for the Asian Real Estate Association of America.One of the main goals of the Asian Real Estate Association ofAmerica is to build a greater understanding between the East and the West. We are an organization whose mission is to build bridges between people. By doing that we open up new markets, create new opportunities, and as a result, stimulate our economies.

Over 200 delegates from across Asia and North America met here in Vancouver at the Fairmont Pacific Rim to learn how to better connect with each other in the rapidly shrinking and wired world of the 21st century. I think they all went away with numerous new ideas and insights. AREAA Vancouver was more than pleased to host this confidential briefing between senior leaders of China’s government and private sector and Canada’s.

Many of our Chinese guests had never been to Canada and I was pleased that their first exposure to our great country was combined with the gorgeous environment of Vancouver, our most beautiful, vibrant, multi-cultural, and cosmopolitan city. The world is attracted to Canada’s solid and stable institutions, rule of law, natural beauty, tolerance, and the welcoming mindset of our people. British Columbia is also, obviously, Canada’s gateway to Asia, and increasingly, we are becoming Asia’s gateway to North America. Vancouver is at or near the top of everyone’s list as one of the most desirable places on Earth to live. A recent example among many: The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Vancouver the 3rd “Best City” in the world to live in, just behind Vienna and Melbourne. Canada, British Columbia, and Vancouver continue to be a magnet for property investors from Asia and elsewhere. According to the Asia-Pacific Foundation, within the next decade, Metro Vancouver will be home to the largest Chinese population outside of China itself. The opportunities for us to leverage our position as the Pacific Gateway are immense. That means two-way trade and investment, not just the one-way flow of investment and people from Asia and China in particular, to Vancouver.

We all know the challenges that China faces today are unique. Its explosive growth has become one of the most remarkable stories we will ever see in our lifetimes. That growth has created tremendous pressures on Chinese society and significant dilemmas for policymakers.

But the Chinese experience is not unlike the challenges we are facing here.How do economies grow while ensuring a sustainable development path for communities and the environment? What are the best building practices and how do they apply to the Chinese reality? As a half billion people in China enter the “middle class”, what does this new prosperity and consumerism mean for China’s socio-political fabric? And as the population ages, how does a health care system – already under pressure – take care of them? Where will that aging population live? And what are the choices facing policymakers, needing to house hundreds of millions of new retirees over the next twenty years.

I’m sure we won’t answer all these questions at once, but I also know that there’s much we can learn from each other. That’s what this wonderful conference was all about.

I am excited to be given the opportunity to talk about the Global market in and outside of Vancouver with the international readers of Boulevard Chinese magazine and look forward to the many more in-depth conversations we will have together.


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Tina Mak P.R.E.C (est.1992)
全美亞裔房产協会, 温哥华創会主席
President of Asian Real Estate Association of America, Vancouver Chapter
Public Speaker in US & Canada
International President’s Circle Award
Coldwell Banker Canadian Ambassador Award 2011 & 2013
CREA International Committee
Gold Master Medallion Award in Vancouver Real Estate Board
Co-host at AM1320 Radio Investment Show since 2007

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