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What drives #Vancouver housing value up?

Hilliard MacBeth, an Edmonton-based portfolio manager, not even a financial advisor recently predicted Canada’s housing market is going to burst next year.  Price would drop as much as 50%.  When I heard his comments on the news, I shake my head and wonder why people kept spreading fears in people’s mind.  What is the motivation behind it?  After I read the Huffington Post Canada article, I then fully understand.  He is trying to promote his book that will be releasing in March.

I have been contacted by all major medias like Globe and Mail, WSJ, CBC, CTV in the past few months.  My one comment to them is please stop speculating, stop making impulsive assumptions, stop being negative and no need to be rosy about everything.  Just stick to the fact.

I know we all like to know about the future but ask yourself why you want to buy real estate.  1) own your home instead of paying rent? 2) are you a long term investors or short term speculators?  All the predictions are done by economists, financial advisors, portfolio managers who are all in money market.  With all respect to them but in my humble opinion, they have their own motivation.  Real estate is not stocks.  It’s real asset.  We own it and nobody can take it away from us unless we decide to sell.  We can’t control how people spend their money.  We can’t control what is going on around the world.  Please don’t treat it like a commodity.



REBGV September 2014 Stats Videocast


Click an image above to view our September 2014 market update videocast featuring Board President Ray Harris.

You can use the YouTube link to share the video with your clients.

The videocast is also available at www.rebgv.org.



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