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Tina Mak interview CB China after China stock market melt down Part 1

S: China’s stock trading volume is still large. For overseas investment, we estimate about 25% of the total trading volume. This is still a minority, oversea investors are generally the wealthy ones. The “Black Monday” of course has some impact on investors. Under the circumstances,  some wealthy people might think they should act even more positively to invest oversea housing, especially oversea property are usually freehold. When the stock market is crashing, wealthy people tend to like shifting the investment focus to the housing market. For middle class, China’s financial investment market is still booming, especially it now has government policy support. The interest rate and the return on investment are high. Therefore, for the majority of Chinese people, they won’t shift investment focus to the oversea market as much. For people who already have oversea investment or the wealthy ones who are pursuing better life styles, they are more willing to enter the market now. But for the majority of people, the impact is small.

Ron: 加拿大人对美国的投资是有减缓的趋势,但并不是完全没有。相比于2011年的23%,2014年减少至19%。大多数投资都在加洲与佛罗里达州。

Ron: 我认为大多数的投资者处于观望的态度,都在等待大选结果的公布,这与未来的投资政策息息相关。对于政府是否会颁布刺激投资的政策,我不认为会有任何即刻的,大的政策,毕竟现在并不是美国经济最萧条的时候。若是政府愿意颁布,那也是一些比较缓慢,小的政策。

S: For Chinese to wire money oversea, there is a limitation of maximum $50,000 USD per year per person. Under the oversea contract, people can still legally wire money out to purchase property. Now China’s government is encouraging foreigners to purchase Chinese property. The housing “limit order” policy has been modified at the end of August, the limit number of property each person can buy and some requirement has been canceled.

Tina: what is the definition of foreigners?

S: Anyone who is outside of Chinese border. For example, I am Taiwanese. I am considered as foreigner.

Tina: how about different province?

S: That is different. They are still considered as Chinese citizen. There are limitations of how many properties you can purchase depending local housing policy. The 5 municipalities directly under the Central Government still have the limitation, most of the province have already open their doors to investors.

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